Office Fit Out

The silent storyteller of a company's character resides in the interior design of its office, where every single detail murmurs the principles, aspirations, and fantasies that steer its accomplishments.

Fabiia excels in comprehensive office fitouts, flawlessly morphing workplaces into personalized and immensely functional atmospheres that stimulate productivity and creative thinking.

What we deliver

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Fabiia's CAT A Fitout solution is all about establishing the fundamental infrastructure of a commercial zone. This entails aspects like flooring, ceilings, lighting, and more. From this base, you have the freedom to infuse your own design and customization, fashioning an environment that seamlessly combines functionality with visual allure.

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Fabiia's CAT B Fitout revolutionizes a plain commercial space, infusing it with meticulous design and tailored elements, integrating specific tenant requirements, partitions, furniture, and finishes to create a distinct and practical workspace.

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Fabiia's design and build service exceeds the delivery of a completed space; it takes on the pivotal duty of being your exclusive contact throughout the entire process. From designing the concept to executing the project meticulously and ensuring a seamless space handover, our streamlined process guarantees a smooth and satisfying experience.
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Fabiia's refurbishment endeavors bring a fresh lease of life to preexisting spaces, expertly revitalizing and augmenting the aesthetics and functionality to forge a setting that emanates refreshment.

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Office Reengineering at Fabiia involves a deliberate restructuring and optimization of your workspace setup. This is carried out to align with evolving needs and prevailing trends, fostering improved efficiency, collaboration, and an enriched work experience.

Some of our recent projects