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Angles Pouf By Domkapa

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Note: Prices displayed above are for category 2 and category 3 from Domkapa fabric collection.

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Angles Pouf Tarn 13 fabric side view
Angles Pouf By Domkapa

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Angles Pouf is easy to use and versatile. The beauty of interior design projects is in the details and they are the best thing about this piece.

Fabric Structure: Velvet, Weaves, Patterned, Synthetic Leather, Velvet, Weaves, Natural Leather.

Finish / Colors:

Velvet (Category.2) – Aldan 2914 (Velvet), Aldan 2918 (Velvet), Aldan 2920 (Velvet), Aldan 2921 (Velvet), Aldan 2922 (Velvet), Aldan 2940 (Velvet)

Weaves (Category.2) – Logone 01 (Weaves), Logone 09 (Weaves), Logone 10 (Weaves), Logone 44 (Weaves), Logone 69 (Weaves)

Patterned (Category.2) – Verdon 01 (Patterned), Verdon 02 (Patterned), Verdon 03 (Patterned), Verdon 14 (Patterned)

Synthetic Leather (Category.2) – Ash, Terra, Black, Bordeaux, Camel, Chocolate, Cream, Forest, Ocean, Siena, Taupe

Velvet (Category.3) – Clarence BS1 (Velvet), Clarence BS6 (Velvet), Clarence BS17 (Velvet), Clarence BS23 (Velvet), Clarence BS33 (Velvet)

Weaves (Category.3) – Helmand 02 (Weaves), Helmand 05 (Weaves), Helmand 10 (Weaves), Helmand 11 (Weaves), Helmand 53 (Weaves)

Natural Leather (Category.3) – Desna Agave (Natural Leather), Desna Brandy (Natural Leather), Desna Camel (Natural Leather), Desna Forest (Natural Leather), Desna Wine (Natural